Cata-catapult is a difficult and challenging puzzle platformer about a cat who you fling at high speeds to collect orbs scattered around the levels. 


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great game to induce anger haha!


It was a really fun game. Had a good time playing it :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

If u wanna check out my game, then here's the link:


Since this isn't a puzzlescript game, do you mind removing the PuzzleScript tag?

I think I put that there on accident. It has been removed :)


There are quite a few games incorrectly-tagged like that, which makes me think it's a UI problem. Would you say there's something that can be improved in itch's "Upload New Project" page to avoid this accident? I tried playing with it, and entering "puzzle" and "puzzles", and it seems to do what I expected.

I think I just pressed enter while I was selecting  the wrong thing


cool game btw :)

Deleted post

Thank you! :)


Very fun. Great physics.


i love it but it's harddd i can't get past the third stage ahahahah


banger game